The staff at Olympic Logistics are truly exceptional. They understand the trade show and event environment and what it takes to meet the strict time-critical requirements. I have said many times that freight is about people and not products, that you rely on people to move materials. Not only is the staff at Olympic Logistics tenured in this industry but they also have extensive relationships and networks with providers and drivers which safeguards that what we are shipping gets to where it is going on time, intact, and on budget. Olympic Logistics communicates clearly, executes consistently, is highly dependable, and supports our customers and team members with 34/7/365 availability to a live decision maker within their organization. Olympic’s hyper-focused on the details ensures Hamilton Exhibits succeeds in providing exceptional experiences to our customers.
Paul Quay
Director – Logistics
Hamilton Exhibits

Your team is terrific. They make it really easy for me and work with me on everything I need so I really appreciate that.
Ross Mendenhall
General Manager
Wise Owl Productions

Olympic team –

Remarkable work today, thanks for making changes in the fly, getting trucks to AAPEX, CAMX, and CSG all on time and with weight tickets. It was not easy.

I’ve never had a vendor have such high employee retention. This makes life as the customer much easier than people realize.

This might have been the top five busiest transportation days in my five years here. I lean hard on Olympics’ truly extraordinary staff, and I know intimately how difficult your jobs can be – I have been on your side of the fence. Our business relationship is one of the rare instances in this industry in which the customer may need the vendor more than the vendor needs the customer.

Thank you for all that you do.

Mark Wolf
Traffic Manager
Creative Solutions Group

“The Bitterness of Poor Quality remains Long after the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten”

We are not in the shipping business, we ship product as a necessary service of doing business.

Working with Olympic, (Renee, Jeff) has saved our position in the eyes of our customers the few times there was a problem.

Short notice, no problem, one call is all it takes. Quick answers WITH options and we can move our product to the customer.

We do not have time to check on every shipment, but rest assured, if a problem has occurred, one call to Olympic is all that it takes. In the very few instances when there was a problem, Olympic notified us first, meaning, they are doing the tracking work that we don’t have time for.

Low price or GREAT service, we (and our customers) always demand great service, so Olympic remains our first and only call for our freight needs.

Charlie Tucek
SNK America

Thank you so much!

I greatly appreciate the fact that you check our work 😊 You Rock!!

Josh Jacobs
Account Manager

Wonderful — Thank you so much again!

You guys seriously rock 🙂

Constance Leong
Project Manager

Love the lightning quick replies from you guys!! Thank you so much!!

Thank you for your note! Olympic is a pleasure to work with and we are happy to be able to work with you in what feels like an extension of our own team. I’m sure that we will be back in touch soon for the next adventure! As always, it is a pleasure working with you all and I will be reaching out to you for the next adventure next month.

Linda Angulo
Project Manager

You guys are awesome! Thanks

Chris Radford
Account Manager
Exhibit Concepts, Inc.

THANK YOU so much. My jobs are important and I get worried about weather delays, etc. I should have known not to worry when Olympic is handling it!

Judy Kozan
Account Manager
The Rogers Company

The National Marine Manufacturers Association has had the pleasure of working with Olympic Logistics for 5+ years. I consider Ron, Chris, Al and the entire Olympic Logistics team to be an extension of our organization. Every year Ron and his team help us develop a complex logistical plan for our eighteen Winter Boat Shows and execute it flawlessly. They answer the phones at all hours of the night and have supported us in many other ways not typical of a logistics company. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Steve Mandarino
Operations manager – Integrated Marketing/Sponsorship
National Marine Manufacturers Association

Olympic came through without a hitch and I wanted to let you all know how grateful I am for that. It wasn’t easy getting four trucks in one spot with another group moving out all at the same time. On a one way street, no side street parking and across from a fire department. Thank you Al for the phone calls and text keeping me up to date with the trucks whereabouts. Thanks again!

Ralph Engel
Senior Account Executive
The Rogers Company

Just a quick note to say, Thank You for the quick and easy support for the Cummins events. It was perfect.

John Kestler

I wanted to personally thank you for the service you have provided Czarnowski Display for the past 28 years. I know it does not seem that long, but you and your staff have done an excellent job servicing Czarnowski, and I wanted you to know I appreciate the level of service Olympic Logistics Services, Inc. provides.

When it comes to understanding the exhibit industry, everyone at Olympic, in particular your operations staff of Renee Copp, and special thanks to Chris Sheldon, who understands the nature of the trade show business from top to bottom.

My shipments are sensitive and your track record of making pick-ups and delivering my freight is second to none in the trade show industry. Whether crated or pad wrapped, I can rely on the Olympic team to expedite my show freight where it needs to be on-time and in perfect condition!

Olympic’s WORLDTRAK tracking system provides me with up to the minute information as it is happening and the real time exchange of information is essential in the hustle and bustle trade show world.

Once again, I would like to thank you and I look forward to keeping you busy in 2017.

Stan Wardinski
Traffic and Warehouse Manager
Czarnowski Display

Olympic Logistics is my go to carrier when I need a carrier I can trust. I used to often worry about getting shipments to and from a show, but not when Olympic Logistics is handling our freight. They know trade shows and understand the nuances that accompany each show. They make my life a whole lot easier by providing the information needed to execute successful deliveries for shows. They provide excellent follow up for each shipment, treating each shipment as important as the next.

Mollie George
Project Manager

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to you and your crew for taking on a grueling (15) city event that was completed in only six weeks. This project was far more complex than the usual trade show and Olympics’ execution was flawless despite the difficulty and unusual needs of the project. I was most impressed with your teams commitment – round the clock, to ensure my client’s needs were met. I can tell you that, in each city, I received tremendous feedback from my client specific to the quality of your team’s performance – well done!

A special thanks to your crew as they are a joy to work with and a group that I can always rely on. To succeed today you don’t need several acceptable freight partners but rather one great partner. For me, Olympic logistics is that “great partner”.

Thanks again and keep up the excellent work.

Jim Carroll
Occurrent Marketing

Our organization has partnered with Olympic Logistics Services for over five years. Since my tenure began at Creative Solutions Group back in 2012, Olympic has continued to be vital to our company’s success in the trade show industry.

As a Traffic Manager, I have the responsibility to ensure our client’s property is delivered on time, and in mint condition – every time. Olympic Logistics exceeds our organization’s expectations on a daily basis. When an urgent or fragile shipment comes my way, the first and only call I make is to Olympic.

In the trade show industry, many shipments are extremely time sensitive. This requires fast and accurate information communicated to multiple parties. In the rare event that an issue arises, Olympic immediately communicates the problem to me both by phone call and by email – and ensures the problem is resolved to my liking.

High quality transportation, remarkable customer service, and competitive rates are just a few of the reasons I will continue to choose Olympic Logistics Services as our preferred domestic trade show carrier.

Mark Wolf
Traffic Manager
Creative Solutions Group

Florida Plastics has benefited from the relationship with Olympic Logistics Services beyond expectation. We have been partners for over 24 years now. Once again Olympic Logistics has helped Florida Plastics on a big project for our number one customer McDonald’s.

McDonald’s has a big initiative going on with their drive-through menu boards that Florida Plastics is handling for them and the time line is very short. We are working with a tight installation schedule with other vendors and we cannot afford to miss any installations. One of the products that we are supplying to McDonald’s is coming from China with a 12 to 14 week lead-time. Our company does not do much with overseas vendors so we were not experts on understanding the best way to get our product to the state as quick as possible so we did not miss any installation dates.

Our vendor was going to take care of all the shipping arrangements for us. When we asked them to get us cost on what it would be to have the product air freight to us, so we would save on time against going ocean freight that was going to add 3 more weeks. The cost was very high and I was inquisitive that we should look on moving this shipment on our own. I called Olympic Logistics to inquire if they would be able to help us get our product air freight over to us. They told us that would be no problem at all and they did it for 25% less.

Olympic made it so easy for our company to get this shipment to us. Their great customer service handled the whole process for our company. Olympic dealt with our vendor in China on our behalf. They handled getting all the duties, taxes and clearance for us and getting us a broker. There is a lot of information that is necessary when shipping international shipments but Olympic made it easy to do business. Olympic handling this shipment was a great decision for our company so we could focus on our number one customer McDonald’s.

There was some challenges that Olympic had to work around one being Qing Ming Jie holiday. Despite the holiday Olympic was able to schedule the shipment for the first flight on Tuesday which was great because our stock of this product was getting low and we could not afford to stop our production.

I would highly recommend Olympic Logistic Services for quality of service, ability to get the job done. We consider Olympic a model member of the team who provide consistency and delivered all expectations.

Again, Thank you for the success which you have helped Florida Plastics create.

William L Fitzgerald
Production Manager
Florida Plastics International

I just wanted to take a minute to Olympic Logistics for the exemplary transportation service they provided to RTH Group during our largest US event in 2014, for Trumpf at Fabtech in Atlanta Georgia.

Having Ron on site at the show for the freight move-in, and Jack coming down to Atlanta to help facilitate the truck load out at the end of the show was very helpful and much appreciated. With 6 full trucks of exhibit freight alone it was very important to have quality drivers and Olympic were able to provide this for the inbound as well as the outbound from the show.

RTH is looking forward to the opportunity to work with Olympic Logistics for Fabtech and other shows in the future.

Kevin Thompson
Project Manager
RTH Group

I wanted to take this opportunity to again thank you and your staff for the support you give SNK America. The majority of freight we ship through you is very time sensitive and again this year your group went above and beyond. To have the ability contact you, Renee, Jeff or Judy at any time of the day or night to check status makes my job so much easier.

Your staff has to communicate with at least four different employees here at SNK on a daily basis and they always meet our needs. A few of the best things Olympic does is emailed waybills filled out and ready to sign, shiptrax email notification and the best customer service I have had the pleasure of dealing with. In the twenty years that I have dealt with freight and logistics companies, Olympic is by far the best for our company.

Thank you again to you and your staff for the great job they do everyday. Please share this with them and let them know how much SNK appreciates them.

Matt McCarthy
Parts & Facilities Manager
SNK America/Niigata


I hope you are doing well! I would like to wish you a very happy new year, wishing you and loved ones all the best for 2018.

Again I would like to say it is a pleasure to work with Olympics. Your professionalism and service make our shipping painless.

Have a great day

Denis Dumas-Meseguer
Vice President
Nuline Distribution, Columbus, OH


As another year comes to a close I wanted to reach out and thank you and your team for all of the hard work that you put into this business. I know that Bell Flavors & Fragrances has been doing business with you for the past 30 years and will continue to do so because of the dedication and great service that you and your company supply following through on a daily basis whether it is for a trade show of ours or Hot orders for some of our best customers your team always comes through for us.

Anytime a quote is needed on a shipment or an order is ready to ship, your team of individuals never misses an opportunity to come through and deliver for us. Whether it be Jeffery Howard, Renee Copp or another confident member of your team they never fail to find the best means of transportation to get our product to the customer on time, clean and intact. Every customer that we ship to is just as important as the next one and your team treats every shipment with extreme urgent care as if it was their own personal cargo. In this Industry I have found that quality hard to find outside of Olympic Logistics, which is why I will continue to count on you and your company for important shipments and up to the date confirmations of delivery and tracking with Olympics’ WORLDTRAK tracking system.

As always, I can’t speak highly enough about your company and how everybody at Olympic Logistics goes about their business on a daily basis. I am looking forward to another good year in 2018 of doing superb business with Olympic Logistics who is second to nobody in the business.

Kieth Olson
Domestic Shipping Manager
Bell Flavors & Fragrances
Northbrook, IL